An Amazon reseller founded a brand with original product design thanks to the successful collaboration with fuso design.

As designers, we have always been fascinated by the way architecture, sculpture, and design can intersect. So when we had the opportunity to work with a client who was looking for something special for his product, we knew we could create something unique. Little did we know that our collaboration would eventually lead to the founding of the e-commerce brand Piolo, and a whole new line of products inspired by these worlds.

The client was an Amazon reseller that wanted to expand its business, becoming a unique e-commerce brand selling its own original products. The collaboration started out as a simple request from the client to design a napkin holder, but as we began to brainstorm and collaborate, our vision expanded. In fact, we all shared a love of clean lines, geometric shapes, and unexpected details, and we knew we could create something closer to sculpture and home decor than typical tableware.

From a project to a whole products catalog.

The results were so surprising that the client decided to develop all the proposals delivered and immediately asked for the design of other products. Hence, our team worked together to develop a whole catalog of tableware. All the products are linked by the same design language and style, including a fruit bowl and a trivet. We aimed to surprise and delight users with original designs while ensuring that the products were practical for everyday use.

As the product line began to take shape, we realized we had something special. The client decided to take the plunge and launch the e-commerce,, to showcase our designs and reach a wider audience. The brand takes its name from the most intriguing napkin holder of the collection, and today is also selling in US stores.

The most rewarding part of this experience has been seeing how our designs have resonated with users. People love the unexpected twists and turns in our products, and they appreciate the thought and care that went into every detail.

Looking back, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with a client who believed in our services and vision. We are also happy and proud that a single product design led to a long-lasting and successful collaboration.

fuso design did an absolutely amazing amazing job for me. They put the time and effort in it and sent me a very professional and unique product catalogue that I can manufacture. The team was very helpful and did a few changes that I asked for by my needs. An absolutely great experience, highly recommended.

Ailon Heitner, Piolo Founder

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