Bonocle is an inclusive product that promotes Braille literacy and ensures that the blind community has access to quality education, employment, and independence.

The phygital device is a portable uni cell braille device that acts like a controller for the smartphone or computer. It’s innovatively and ergonomically designed to work like an infinite line braille display.

The user is guided through tactile and auditory feedback such as the electric braille cell, the haptic motors, and a screen reader/voice-over. Furthermore, can interact with multimedia content through buttons, motion, and speech.

Founded by two students, the Qatar-based startup began working on the inclusive product when it interfaced with a group of students with different disabilities who complained about the difficulty of accessibility of the internet. As a consequence, they decided to do everything in their power to improve digital accessibility starting with the visually impaired.

The team turned to fuso design with a first draft of the product, with which the first tests were made and the idea was generally validated.

The team of designers, and electronic and mechanical engineers worked closely with the founders and their users to improve the complex product with the aim of making it ready for serial production.

We want to bring braille back into perspective by minimizing its cost and size and maximizing on its uses.

Abdelrazek Aly, Co-founder & CEO


Industrialization with fuso design

As industrial design partners, we supported the startup team aiming for product industrialization. Starting from the draft sample, we made a deep analysis and redesign of the product, balancing ergonomics and technical requirements while improving aesthetics.

For example, in addition to the need of fixing numerous internal electromechanical components compatibly with the selected production techniques, the device comes perfectly symmetrical and balanced to be used both right and left-handed.

The shape of the product has gone through several iterations to finally be used comfortably by a major sample of consumers, allowing them to use the product both on a surface or in the air.

After major design and ergonomic optimizations, as well as many iterations of the design for the manufacturing phase, we also curated the design of the packaging.

The success of Bonocle

A large number of industry professionals contributed to this ambitious project and the development of Bonocle. The successes for the startup and all the support team have been numerous, such as the collection of 1M$ seed round in investments for further development and the winning of the prestigious K Design Award 2023.

At fuso design, we are proud to have participated in the collective effort to make user-focused products more inclusive and performing, thanks to a choral design that is attentive to meeting the many challenges imposed by the project until its completion.

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